General Edit

This course is primarily a writing and ethics course, in which you explore ethical questions that arise as autonomous systems become a larger part of everyday life. Heavy emphasis on four fundamental underlying ethical models and how they underlie and explain common ethical arguments. It is a KCM liberal studies course. Cross-listed as INFO 2750, ENGRG 2750, STS 2751.

Pre-Requisites Edit

Any FWS course

Topics Covered Edit

  • Therapeutic Robotics
  • Search and Rescue
  • Surveillance
  • Military Decision Making
  • Financial Market Interactions
  • Robotics on Art and Music
  • Education
  • Automation and Labor
  • Medical Robotics
  • Policing
  • Robot Swarms
  • Robot Scientists

Workload Edit

  • The workload in this course is fairly light. In Fall 2018, there were 3 essays which were 4-5 pages each, followed by a 10 page final paper. There are no prelims or finals. If taking the one-credit technical writing add-on, there is an additional 5-page paper.
  • Note that Park Doing has started passing around a sign-in sheet, meaning that you have to be in class most days.

Advice Edit

  • Try to choose a topic for your final paper early. Although not a technical course, you may want to do some research into recent ethical papers.

Past Offerings Edit

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