General Information

Course aims to deepen students’ working knowledge of mathematical tools relevant to ECE applications. While the course emphasizes fundamentals, it also provides an ECE context for the topics it covers.


MATH 2930, MATH 2940, ECE 2200

Topics Covered

Topics include foundational material about sets and functions; modular arithmetic and public-key cryptography; inner products, orthogonal representations, and Fourier analysis; LTI systems as mappings on function spaces; sampling and interpolation; singular-value decomposition; and, as time permits, an introduction to wavelets and elementary convex analysis.



  • Problem Sets - Weekly problem sets with flexible deadlines
  • Exams - 2 prelims, 1 final. Prelims mostly consist of T/F questions with some short answer. Final is the same format with more short answer problems.

Heavy (in Summer) (Boyancyzk)

  • Problem Sets - Weekly, heavy proving stuff
  • Quizzes - Weekly (mostly T or F types with some short definition questions)
  • Mid-term - Take Home, but its mostly like three HWs put together along with deadline reduced to 24-48Hrs
  • Final - Take Home, and like the midterm but slightly longer with the same deadline

Follow on Courses

  • ECE 4210 (Art Support Analysis Algorithms)
  • ECE 4250 (Digital Signal and Image Processing)
  • ECE 4510 (Electric Power Systems I)
  • ECE 4670 (Introduction to Digital Communication)
  • ECE 4730 (Digital Feedback Control)


  • Study
  • Bojanczyk's course in summer seams to focus on different topics than Delchamps. In summer, we covered convolution on last week or so while Delchamps was doing the same in the middle of semester. Bojanczyk did a lot of number theory and proofs.

Past Offerings




Median Grade

Fall 2013

TR 2:55 - 4:10

David F. Delchamps


Fall 2014

TR 2:55 - 4:10

David F. Delchamps


Summer 2015 M-F 10:00 - 11:15 Adam W Bojanczyk A-
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