General Information Edit

Physical principles of optical waveguides. Wave equation solutions to the mode structure in waveguides, numerical analysis, mode coupling, dispersion and bandwidth limitations, optical materials, photonic band gap structures. Project design of planar optical components. CDE course

Prerequisites Edit

ECE 3030

Topics Covered Edit

  • Maxwell’s equations, wave equation, Snell’s law, polarization of light
  • Boundary conditions, Phase and group velocities, Total internal reflection
  • Waveguide analysis (slab, rectangular, circular)
  • Dispersion and implications for propagation in waveguides
  • Numerical methods and applications
  • Coupled mode theory
  • Attenuation, Nonlinear optical phenomena
  • Mirrors, resonators, Bragg mirrors (DBRs)
  • Waveguide modulators, photodetection, photonic applications
  • Quantum Photonics

Workload Edit

8-9 home-works, 2-3 labs, a midterm, final, and a final project

Advice Edit

  • Homeworks are straight forward. If you pay attention in lectures then you will know what to do. Carl is a very good lecturer and is happy to resolve any questions. There is a textbook, and it goes more into depth than the slides, but the class sometimes does things differently or does topics not in the text. The exams are fair and most of the grading is thrown to that final project, so devote time to it whenever you can and start early.

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade
Spring 2018 TR


Carl Poitras
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