General Information Edit

This is a basic course in networking with an emphasis on the Internet. Examples of topics include: the World Wide Web, Email and Peer to Peer networks, data transmission and data encoding, circuit vs. packet switching, local area network technology, routing and switching, congestion control, network security, wireless networks and multimedia. Though the emphasis will be on the Internet, application modules on 4G cellular, WiFi (802.11), and Bluetooth will be presented.

Prerequisites Edit

ECE 3140 and ECE 3100

Topics Covered Edit

  • Application Layer
    • The Web and HTTP
    • EMail
    • DNS
    • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    • VoIP
  • Transport Layer
    • Reliable Data Transfer
    • Congestion Control
    • Transport Layer Protocols: TCP, UDP, SCTP
  • Network Layer
    • Routing Algorithms
    • Internetworking
    • The Internet Protocol (IP) and Routing in the Internet
  • Data Link Layer / LANS
    • Error Control Coding
    • The Multiple Access Problem
    • ALOHA
    • Ethernet
    • PPP
    • Bluetooth
  • Wireless and Mobile Networking
    • 3G/4G Cellular telephony
    • Mobility Management and Resource Allocation
    • 802.11n
    • General Packet Radio Service
  • Network Security and Privacy
    • Cryptology - Theory and Application
    • Authentication and Key Agreement Protocols
    • Wiretapping, Packet Sniffing, and Location Data: Technology and the Law
    • Cellular Surveillance

Workload Edit

  • Short Homework Assignments, 2 in-class prelims, Final Exam

Advice Edit

Took it without ECE 3100, didn't miss anything. Not sure why it is a prerequisite.

Go to lectures, you'll get more out of the course that way. Textbook material is mostly useless for exams, but required for problem sets.

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade
Fall 2014

MW 1:25-2:40

Stephen Wicker A-
Spring 2018

TR 1:25-2:40

Stephen Wicker A-

Spring 2019

TR 1:25-2:40

Stephen Wicker
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