General Information Edit

Acquaints students with modern electric power system modeling, analysis and computation. Stresses analysis techniques appropriate for power system modeling, analysis and power flow computation. Topics include transmission line models, transformers and per unit system, generator models, network matrices, power flow analysis and computation, real and reactive power control, voltage control, economic dispatch.

Prerequisites Edit

(Officially) ECE 3250

(Really) Math 1920, Math 2940, ECE 2100. (lots of lin alg)

Topics Covered Edit

  • Intro to Power Grids
  • Concepts of Three Phase Systems(transformers, delta to wye transforms, active/reactive power, per.unit analysis, etc.)
  • Component and Transmission line modeling
  • Control of voltage and reactive power
  • Power flow analysis(using various numerical methods)
  • Economic dispatch
  • Contingency analysis

Workload Edit

  • 8-9 home-works, 1 midterm, and a final project

Advice Edit

  • The textbook is very helpful for the earlier material, but as the material ramps up mid semester, the lectures become pretty important. The professor is a god-tier in his mastery over the material, so ask questions in case you need clarification. Homework similarly goes from traditional 2100-style circuit analysis to harder numerical methods as the semester progresses. Make sure you have a solid grasp on the early material or it will come back to bite you for the midterm. Some fluency in matlab is recommended. The final project is time consuming, and for the most part you are on your own(he wasn't available too much during the last week).

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade
Fall 2017
Hsiao-Dong Chiang ?
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