General Information Edit

(Meets with ECE 5520). Examines the operations of electric power systems, the smart grid, and electricity markets. topics include modeling of power systems, power flow analysis, economic dispatch, optimal power flow, unit commitments, electricity markets, demand response, smart grid technology, and transactive energy. ECE 5520 covers these topics more in depth than ECE 4520.

Prerequisites Edit

  • ECE 2100
  • ECE 3100 (for 5520 students only)
  • ECE 4510(optional- though 4520 used to be called Electric Power Systems II)

Topics Covered Edit

  • Elements of mathematical programming
  • power system models
  • power flow analysis and optimal power flow
  • unit commitments
  • demand response
  • highlights of smart grid technology
  • elements of microeconomics
  • wholesale electricity markets
  • locational marginal pricing
  • financial transmission right and virtual transaction markets
  • retail electricity markets and transactive energy

Workload Edit

  • 4-5 home-works, 1 midterm, and a final project
    • ECE 5520 students have extra problems per homework which goes further in depth on the theory.

Advice Edit

  • Work is manageable if started early enough(don't leave the work to the last minute, it will be painful). The exams are based off the homework questions, so make sure you know those. Prior knowledge of optimization and power systems will help a lot.

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade
Spring 2018 MW


Lang Tong ?
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