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Introduction to the theory and practice of error control codes. Topics include algebraic codes, convolutional codes, turbo codes, and codes on graphs.  Course will emphasize applications to 4G/5G cellular, GPS and deep space telecom.

Prerequisites Edit

ECE 3250 or ECE 5210 or equivalent; strong familiarity with linear algebra.

Topics Covered Edit

  • Abstract Algebra- Group Theory
    • Finite Field Theory
  • The Classic Block Codes
    • Hamming Codes
    • Reed Muller Codes
    • Application Module: Hamming Codes in GPS
    • Application Module: RM Codes in 4G Cellular
  • Advanced Algebraic Codes
    • BCH Codes
    • Reed-Solomon Codes
    • Berlekamp’s Algorithm
    • Application Module: CD-ROMs
  • Convolutional Codes
    • Basic structure
    • Viterbi Decoding
    • BCJR Decoding
    • Application Module: 2G and 3G Cellular Voice
  • Turbo Coding
    • Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Codes
    • Turbo Decoding
    • Application Module: 4G/5G Cellular
  • Low Density Parity Check Codes
    • Graph Theory
    • Tanner Graphs
    • Application Module: IRA Codes in Digital Broadcast Satellite
  • Advanced Topics (if we have time)
    • Hybrid ARQ Protocols
    • Application Module: 5G cellular

Workload Edit

  • Fall 2018 -- light workload
    • A few homework assignments comprised entirely of textbook problems
    • One open-ended final project (programming)
    • One in class exam (easy)
    • One take home exam (easy)

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Semester Time Professor Median Grade

Fall 2018

MW 2:55-4:10

Stephen Wicker


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