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Fundamental limits and practical algorithms for data compression. Entropy and other information measures. Variable and fixed-length lossless and lossy source codes. Universal compression. Single-source and network configurations. Applications to text and multimedia compression.

Prerequisites Edit

ECE 4110

Topics Covered Edit

  • Information measures: entropy, mutual information, relative entropy, and their properties.
  • Optimal lossless compression and the entropy limit
  • Universal compression of sources with memory
  • Algorithms for universal compression: arithmetic coding and Lempel-Ziv algorithms
  • Rate-distortion theory: the rate-distortion function; Gaussian sources and reverse waterpouring
  • Practical compression of multimedia sources: entropy- and trellis-coded quantization, transform and subband coding
  • Multimedia compression standards: MPEG, AAC, etc.
  • Network extensions: Slepian-Wolf, Wyner-Ziv.

Workload Edit

Moderate (Sp 18)

  • 7 Problem Sets - biweekly
  • Exams - 1 final exam
  • Projects - 1 lossless compression programming (Python) project, 1 open-ended final research project

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Median Grade

Spring 2018

MW 8:40-9:55

Aaron Wagner


Spring 2019 MW 8:40-9:55 Aaron Wagner
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