General Information Edit

Design of microcontroller based systems with embedded Linux. A cousin of ECE 4760, with a Raspberry PI. General best practices on Linux application and programming skills. Project based class with lots of hands-on experience.

Prerequisites Edit

ECE 3140/CS 3420

Topics Covered Edit

Details of the ARM processor family

ARM assembly language

Alternative Linux distributions

Selection of Linux distribution for specific embedded applications

Multi core exploration of the ARM processor

Additional software and hardware experimentation with the system

Workload Edit

  • Three short hw assignments containing around 5-10 short answer questions.
  • Five design projects (teams of 2-3 students)
    • Four guided lab projects
    • Final project selected by team

Advice Edit

Pretty relaxing class. Labs can easily be completed within the lab hours. The class is great if you're interested in learning about embedded projects with Python on a Raspberry PI.

Past Offerings Edit

Semester Time Professor Median Grade

Spring 2018

MWF 1:25-2:15

Joseph Skovira


Fall 2018 MFW 1:25-2:15 Joseph Skovira A
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